Five Effective Herbal Remedies For Snoring

By on March 18, 2014

Snoring is a common problem in humans’ right from childhood to adultery. For about 45% of the adults suffer from snoring and it has been a great concern these days.

How it happens?

Snoring is caused due to the improper airflow into the body via the mouth tissues. Once the body is asleep, mouth muscles and tongue set to relax and gets dried up.

Herbal Remedies For SnoringThis will narrow the wind pipe and cause the forceful airflow with vibration on the walls of the mouth and tongue, hence producing snore sounds.

Herbal Remedies to Stop Snoring:

Different types of herbal remedies could assist you to get rid of snoring and eliminate the occurrence of snoring. Such herbs are listed below:

1. Ginger

Natural and effective herb available to prevent snoring is ginger. Intake of ginger will increase moisture in the tissues of mouth there by helping the airflow intact.

Ginger along with honey is a wonderful herbal treatment for snoring. Ginger tea along with honey would be even very helpful for prevention of snoring.

2. Nasal Sprays

Most nasal sprays available in market contain herbal extracts that are very helpful for snorers. These sprays open up the nasal passages and offer easier flow of air and help you prevent even sinus congestion.

3. Catnip

It is an aromatic plant with flowers typically bluish in color and grayish foliage. Due to its calming result, catnip is very useful and recommended for snorers. Catnip can also be mixed in your favorite tea to add more taste.

4. Thyme

This is another type of aromatic shrub with purple flowers and leaves. This is a sensible medication for various respiratory problems thus helping to get rid of snoring issues.

5. Oat fiber

This is well-known to alleviate any digestive issues. Once digestive problems are given sufficient remedy, then you probably have got higher chances to lower the chance of snoring occurrences.