Gaining An Insight About Sleep Apnea Symptoms In Men

By on August 9, 2013

Sleep Apnea Symptoms in MenSnoring and restlessness even after having good night sleep are the main sleep apnea symptoms in men.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that affects millions of men across the globe. Though many men don’t realize that they have this condition, they can find out by few symptoms that are associated with this condition.

Some symptoms can be recognized on their own, while some symptoms can be detected with the help of their partners who share the room with them. Unless you discover the symptoms, it is somewhat hard to detect sleep apnea.

So making a note of these symptoms would help one come out of this condition and get a good night’s sleep.

Snoring loudly:

When the upper muscles in the throat become relaxed or if the supporting neck muscles do not hold the airway then the tissues in the throat will have a tendency to touch each other. This causes audible vibrations and leads to snoring loudly.

If your bed mate reports too loud snoring that are disruptive in nature then it is the important one among the sleep apnea symptoms in men.

Morning headaches:

If a person is a victim of sleep apnea then he will complain about a severe headache as soon as he wakes up from bed. This is due to the low level of saturation of oxygen in their body while sleeping.

Though this is not much of a specific symptom many sleep apnea patients report of such issues as soon as they wake up from bed.

Falling asleep all of a sudden:

A person wit sleep apnea condition will falls asleep all of a sudden regularly. This is one the of the sleep apnea symptoms in men, which need to be considered. This is the result disrupted sleep might which is caused by sleep apnea.

If this happens once in a while, then you need not to worry. But, if this happens regularly, then it is best for you need to consult a sleep doctor. This can be a dangerous symptom as it can lead to unfavorable accidents or incidents.

Memory issues:

When people are affected by this condition it means that they will have difficulty in remembering things. During sleep, the human brain performs the function of organizing the memories, emotions and the information the person gathered and compiles it.

It also rearranges it to identify new ways to interpret it. This process of compilation of the brain helps to remember certain things that were learnt the previous day.

When the sleep is disrupted, the brain will not be able to process the information within the shortest time and hence it makes it difficult for the person to recall anything or to remember new information.

Disoriented waking:

Disoriented waking up from sleep is another one of sleep apnea symptoms in men that need to be considered. Most of the sleep apnea patients wake up abruptly in the middle of the night with no specific reason but in a disoriented state. This condition would also be associated with profuse sweating and heavy breathing.

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