Health Problems With Oversleeping That You Need To Be Aware Of

By on April 2, 2016

There are many people who like to sleep a lot. Excessive sleeping can be comfortable and relaxing but it can sometimes cause certain ill effects that can become difficult to handle with time. The habit of oversleeping might possibly come as a shock to many people.

There are many health problems with oversleeping. It has always been linked to laziness but there are some medical conditions like diabetes and heart diseases that can also be the result of oversleeping. It is something that can also cause quality-of-life problems for the affected.

Problems With Oversleeping

What Are The Health Problems With Oversleeping?

Some of the common health problems with oversleeping, which you need to be aware of are included below:


It has been evaluated through studies that there is a very close relation between diabetes and oversleeping. People who sleep more than nine hours every night are at an increased risk of suffering from diabetes. Oversleeping does not cause diabetes but it can serve as a symptom of a certain underlying medical problems resulting in diabetes.


Depression is also a common problem in people who tend to sleep a lot. Although depression is mainly linked with insomnia, around 15% people who suffer from depression, sleep more than around nine hours every night.


This is one of the most unpleasant and the most common health problem with oversleeping. Headaches are generally caused by the effect that excessive sleeping has on neurotransmitters of the brain.


Obesity is another problem affecting the ones who sleep overly and even the ones who sleep very little. It has been evaluated from reports that the people who sleep too much are always at an increased risk of being over weight than the ones who sleep very little.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The chances and the risks of cardiovascular diseases increase in people who sleep for more than eight to nine hours every night. Researchers have still not been able to find the relation between heart diseases and over sleeping due to the fact that evidences do not show which happened first- the tendency of sleeping excessively or the heart disease

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