Know the Important Causes of Heartburn at Night

By on June 20, 2013

Heartburn at NightHeartburn is a very uncomfortable burning and warm sensation in your chest, generally it occurs behind your sternum, which usually appears in waves.

Heartburn may start in chest and continue to throat, jaw and neck. Usually this pain can become worse if patient bends over or lies down and it is very common after eating the food.

Almost 80% of the patients experience heartburn at night time only. The bitter taste and discomfort can make your sleep elusive, and uncomfortable. Heartburn at night can cause sleep awaking, day time sleepiness, sleep loss.

A night of flowing wine and rich food can sounds like great-until and unless you have been suffered with heartburn. Here are main causes for heartburn at night:


Too much of caffeinated or decaf may cause heartburn. Combined ingredients of coffee may lead to increased production of the acids in stomach. One or two cups of coffee per a day may not cause any harm but a pot in a day can certainly. Cut down your caffeine intake and most of your symptoms will fade away.

Getting Late-Night Snacks:

When you are in standing position the gravity will keep the food down, and when you swallow the saliva, it acts like the natural antacid and keeps the esophagus clear. But when you sleep, longer gravity work with you and you no longer make saliva. Eating right before sleep can lead to heartburn in night.

Soda Drinks:

These drinks have well known association with the night time heartburn, specifically this is true when you consume in night. Soda drinks contain very high amount of acids as compared to normal drinks, this may aggravate your stomach. These acids can cause heartburn in night.


Alcohol consumption may also irritate your stomach, and then lead to acid reflux. This type of heartburn may happen in night or day time based on when you have consumed it.


The major cause of heartburn at night is medicines. There are several medicines that can cause heartburn at night, some of such include medications that are prescribed for insomnia cure can cause severe heartburn symptoms. Some blood pressure medications and over-the-counter medications may also cause heartburn.

Some other facts that will cause heartburn include high blood pressure, sleep disorders, overweight problems, asthma etc.

If you are suffering from continuous heartburn and your doctor may advise you about both medical therapies and lifestyle alterations, then it would be a great benefit for you.

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