Helpful Tips for Children Talking In Sleep

By on November 5, 2013

There are various sleep problems which are common in children like sleep talking, walking, confused arousal, and sleep terrors. Approximately 10% of children talks in their sleep at least a few nights per week.

Helpful tips for children talking in sleep:

Establish Positive Sleep Habits

Sleep Talking Children Tips - Positive Sleep Habits

Set up positive sleep habits with your child at early age. Arrange a sleep schedule for bedtime and wake up time. And also maintain the same timetable for weekends. Know how much sleep is appropriate for your child’s age.

Make Sure to Get Plenty of Sleep

Make sure the sleep talker gets plenty of sleep each night. A child who is suffering from sleep problem is more prone to sleep talk than someone who is well rested.

Active Days Mean Peaceful Nights

This will teach your child that daylight signifies activity whereas night indicates for sleeping. Limit excitable activities at night like TV, games and also motivating quieter activities in the evening like puzzles, coloring, etc, which help to induce your child a good night sleep in order to reduce sleep talking.

Teach Your Kids to Self-soothe

Sleep Talking Children Tips - Self Soothe

Encourage children to sleep on their own as they will be better able to resume sleep after nighttime awakenings. Avoid singing and rocking your child to sleep as if she or he wakes during the night she or he may need you to sign and rock her back to sleep.

Avoid Feeding Close To Bedtime

Avoid feeding your child large meals before bedtime and don’t give her anything containing caffeinated drinks less than six hours before bedtime.

Set Up Your Bed Room for Sleep

Set up the bedroom in a way that encourages sleep. If your child can tolerate the dark, that is best for sleep, but if that is too scary, use the dim nightlight possible. Discourage playing on the bed at other times of the day, and don’t use the child’s bed as the time out spot.

Stat Dimming the Lights

Sleep Talking Children Tips - Dimming the Lights

Dimming the lights about an hour prior to bedtime. Lowering the nightlights around the house will send a signal to your child’s brain that it is “dusk” and the body is getting ready for sleep.

Expose to Sunlight

Expose your child to sun rays daily help to set their body clock to get wake up in the morning and to sleep during night. Morning sunlight is great for your child body since it signals the body to rise and shine.

Make Sure Your Child is Comfortable

Be sure your child is comfortable. Clothes and blankets should not restrict movement and the bedroom temperature shouldn’t be too warm or too cold.

Use Hypnosis

Sleep Talking Children Tips - Hypnosis

Regularly listening and enjoying to a particularly written hypnosis track may help to reduce your child’s sleep talking and in some instances, eliminate it completely.

Consult a Doctor

Though sleep talking isn’t dangerous, it’s possible that it will be the side-effect of another sleep problem. If your child is suffering from this problem, talk with a doctor about more in-depth treatment

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