Here Are The Night Eating Syndrome Symptoms And Causes

By on June 18, 2016

Night eating syndrome is basically a kind of eating disorder which is characterized by a postponed circadian pattern of taking food. It should not be taken similar to the binge eating disorder in people though people with this disorder are also binge eaters.

People suffering from night eating syndrome feel as is if they do not have any control on their patterns of taking food and they often feel ashamed and guilty of their condition. This condition affects a large number of people throughout the world and is common in both men and women.

Night Eating Syndrome Symptoms

Common Night Eating Syndrome Symptoms

Here are some of the most common night eating syndrome symptoms, which you need to look for.

Being Obese or Overweight

The people who are affected by night eating syndrome are obese or overweight. Such people feel that they do not have nay control on their behavior of eating and they eat secretly even when they are not hungry. Such people also feel remorse or shame over their eating behavior.

Eating Rapidly

Those affected by night eating syndrome also tend to eat their food rapidly and eat more than what others might eat in a similar time period. Such people continue to eat even when they are full.

Eating In The Evening

The ones who are the victims of night eating syndrome also tend to eat their food in the evening. These people do not eat much food in the morning and generally wake up at night to have their share of high-calorie snacks.

Night Eating Syndrome Causes

Night eating syndrome causes might largely vary but there are many contributing factors to this condition. It has been suggested through research that heredity might be of one of the most common causes of night eating syndrome in people.

Apart from this, imbalance in hormonal relationships regulating stress and sleep level might also affect an individual’s pattern of sleeping and eating. Dieting is also one of the causes of night eating syndrome.

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