Home Sleep Study – Know How Is It Done

By on September 25, 2015

Home sleep study is basically improvised sleep study which is performed in a residential setting by making use of a portable monitor. This type of study is only used for diagnosing OSA or obstructive sleep apnea.

The most portable and efficient monitoring devices are used in home sleep study for measuring the heart rate, oxygen level, breathing effort and air flow of the patient. These devices also record sleeping posture and snoring. They also possess the capability of recording brain waves.

Home Sleep Study

Home sleep study is generally prescribed to obstructive sleep apnea patients by sleep specialist or general physician. This study is generally preferred when doctor doubts of severe sleep apnea, or moderate sleep apnea in patient.

Parameters Measured By Home Sleep Study

With the help of the Home Sleep Study, the following biometric parameters are measures

  • Respiratory Parameters – air flow in nose, and movements of chest and abdomen.
  • Oxygen level in blood.
  • Heart Rate / Electrocardiogram
  • Brain Activity / Electroencephalogram
  • Muscle Activity / Electromyogram
  • Movement of Eye / Electrooculogram

Prior To Going Through A Home Sleep Study

If you need to go through a home sleep test, you will be asked to maintain a sleep journal for one or two weeks prior to your study. You will not have to take naps for minimum two to three days prior to your test.

You might also be asked to stop taking the drugs that you might be taking on a regular basis. It is also important for you to carry on with your normal sleep schedule so that you do not get too rested before undergoing the study.

There are various other precautions that you will have to take like avoiding the use of gels, sprays and oils on your hair, not using makeup and all sorts of cosmetics on the hair and the face. This is because the testing devices will be positioned on your fingers and your face.

The Procedure For Home Sleep Test

There are four simple steps in home sleep test, which are carried out and they include:

  • A belt is placed around the mid-section of your body.
  • A clip is attached on the finger.
  • An airflow sensor is applied under the nose
  • The portable monitor is turned on.

Your doctor will provide you with a sheet containing the step by step instructions that you need to follow in conducting a home sleep test.

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