How Alcohol And Sleep Problems Are Related?

By on January 19, 2016

Alcohol can actually help an individual in nodding off but a few drinks can always have a negative impact on an individual’s sleep quality. It is common for regular drinkers to wake up feeling like they have not got enough rest the next day.

The normal sleep procedure of an individual can be greatly interfered by even a few drinks. Deep sleep is what you get from drinking alcohol before going to bed. However, when the alcohol starts wearing off the body comes out from deep sleep making it easier for an individual to wake up. This is the root of alcohol and sleep problems.

Alcohol And Sleep Problems

Relationship Between Alcohol And Sleep Problems

Here is the information about how alcohol and sleep problems are related:

Alcohol Disturbs The Sleep Pattern Of An Individual

Normally an individual has six to seven REM sleep cycles while sleeping at night and this is something that helps an individual in feeling refreshed. Nevertheless, under the influence of alcohol, an individual typically has only one or two REM sleep cycles.

This makes an individual wake up while feeling completely exhausted. Alcohol is widely used in the form of a sleep aid but it actually worsens different sleep problems.

Chronic Alcoholism Resulting in Insomnia

When consumed normally, alcohol helps in inducing sleep. Low alcohol concentration within the body helps in improving sleep time and in reducing unwanted awakenings. However, alcohol consumed above the normal concentration tends to be frustratingly disruptive to proper sleep.

Therefore, it can rightly be said that alcohol has a negative effect on an individual’s sleep during the second part of night. This generally transforms into a very bad cycle making an individual completely dependent on alcohol thinking that it helps inducing sleep.

Chronic alcoholism can result in insomnia caused due to different sleep disorders. Apart from this, it is to be noted that insomnia causes headache and fatigue which is again the result of alcoholism.

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