6 Wonderful Tips For How to Sleep Better at Night

By on June 10, 2013

How to Sleep Better at NightFor a Healthy and active lifestyle you need to know how to sleep better at night. How you feel in your waking period will greatly depend on how better you sleep. Likewise, the solution for sleep problems can often be established from your regular routine.

Bedtime habits, everyday sleep schedule and also your lifestyle habits can have great effect on your sleep. Despite of all the problems, there are several ways to sleep better, such as:

Tip 1 for How to Sleep better at night: Diet to enhance the sleep

There are several foods that encourage better sleep during night. Drinking warm milk, yogurt and other dairy products that are rich in tryptophan will promote better sleep.

A cup of chamomile tea, potatoes, bananas, whole wheat bread and oatmeal can help with better sleep throughout the night. Also foods those are rich in vitamin B such as beans, soy, green leafy vegetables can promote healthy and better sleep.

Tip 2 for How to Sleep better at night: Regular workouts

Exercising regularly will help you sleep more deeply. 20-30 minutes of daily activity helps in promoting better sleep. Also relaxing exercises such as yoga, meditation or gentle stretching can also help promote better sleep. Learn to relax and keep your mind away from the things that stress or excite is the key to fall asleep.

Tip 3 for How to Sleep better at night: Make your bed welcoming

Keep your bedroom free from those clutter and chaos of everyday life. Try to keep the wall textures soothing and appealing,saturated and light warm. Spend some good amount on best sheets. The more relaxed the bed and bedrooms are, the more conductive they are for a restful sleep.

Tip 4 for How to Sleep better at night: Better sleep position

Better sleep position can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep. Though it is not possible to control the sleep position, you can try to change it when you wake up in the middle. This can create a considerable transformation to how you sleep and feel after you wake up.

Tip 5 for How to Sleep better at night: Take a warm bath

A warm bath can provide great relaxation to your body and make your mind feel clean. But take a bath couple of hours before you fall asleep.

Tip 6 for How to Sleep better at night: Manage your stress and anxiety levels

Stress, anger and worry from the day can cause sleep difficulty during the night. If you cannot stop yourself from worried thoughts, particularly the things that are out of control, then you have to learn managing those thoughts.

If the stress is related to family, health, work or any other financial situation, then you have to undergo stress management classes.

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