How To Stop Loud Snoring Naturally? Some Of Best Remedies

By on September 18, 2015

The muscles of the soft palate, throat and the tongue relax when a person sleeps deeply. This is a physiological procedure which is considered normal. The tissue relaxation does not result in any kind of breathing disturbance. Nevertheless, the tissue sometimes relaxes more than normal resulting in partial airway blockage.

When an individual breathes, the blockage causes vibrations of the tissues and the muscles resulting in loud and irritating snoring. There are a lot of people who try learning how to stop loud snoring. This is because loud snoring can cause a number of health problems if not treated.

How to Stop Loud Snoring

Some of the best methods that can help in learning how to stop loud snoring naturally without any surgery are as follows:

How To Stop Loud Snoring

Slimming Down

Obese men and women are loud snorers and slimming down is considered one of the best methods of getting rid of loud snoring. Women snorers generally tend to be in the post menopause stage and slimming down can help them in stopping the problem completely.

Avoid The Intake Of Sedatives And Alcohol Before Sleep

Avoiding the intake of alcohol and sedatives prior to going to bed can help in alleviating the condition of loud snoring. Alcohol worsens snoring and therefore it must be completely avoided. Sleeping pills might be of good help in inducing sleep but they relax the tongue and the throat muscles resulting in loud snoring.

Get Off The Back

People who are in the habit of sleeping on their back are prone to snoring loudly during their sleep. This is because of their tongue dropping to the back of the mouth. Therefore, such people should make it a habit to sleep on their sides.

Sleep Without Pillows

Sometimes pillows seem to block the airways by bending the neck making it very difficult for an individual to breathe normally. Thus, people who tend to snore loudly while sleeping should avoid the use of pillows.

Elevate The Bed

If you are looking for the methods on how to stop loud snoring, then one of the best things to do is to elevate bed. Elevating the head of the bed by about four inches can be of good help in causing the jaw and the tongue to drop forward. This opens the airways and alleviates loud snoring in people.

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