How To Stop Talking In Your Sleep As An Adult?

By on February 5, 2016

Before knowing how to stop talking in your sleep, it is important for you to know what is sleep talking. Sleep talking is also called somniloquy and it is basically the act of uttering or speaking while sleeping. Sleep talking is a kind of parasomnia or abnormal behavior which takes place while an individual sleeps.

Sleep talking occurs quite commonly in people and is generally not considered a serious medical problem. It is a condition that involves long, involved speeches or simple sounds.

It is not of great concern if it does not disturb the sleep of an individual or any other individual. Seeing a doctor or a therapist becomes important if this condition starts disturbing people.

How To Stop Talking In Your Sleep

So, How To Stop Talking In Your Sleep?

Let us have a look at how to stop talking in your sleep as an adult:

Getting Enough Rest

Getting proper and enough rest is important for sleep talkers because sleep deprivation might increase the risk of somniloquy. Sleep talking occurs commonly in people who remain sleep deprived for long hours. Getting proper rest regularly helps in decreasing the seriousness of sleep talking.

Developing Good Sleep Habits

It is necessary for people to develop relaxing sleep habits like having light bedtime snack or warm bath prior to going to sleep. You can also look forward to drinking warm milk, reading for around 10 minutes or listening to soothing music in order to get proper sleep. It is also advisable to go to bed only when you feel sleepy.

Block Out Noise

Blocking out the noise that comes into your bedroom is also important in order to stop sleep talking. You can make use of earplugs while sleeping or sleep headphones specifically designed with relaxing music to aid sleep talkers while in sleeping peacefully.

Maintain Sleep Log

It might be easy for you to maintain a sleep log of different activities and the drinks and foods you actually had on the days when you experienced sleep talking. Here, you might need the help of your partner who will tell you when you have disturbed him or her by shouting or talking in your sleep.

Manage Stress

Stress generally increases the severity and the frequency of sleep talking. Therefore, it is necessary for people to find out the effective ways of managing stress in order to get rid of sleep talking.

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