Know The Various Causes Of Sweating During Sleep

By on November 17, 2015

Getting adequate sleep is considered one of the best methods of relaxing the tired body and mind. A peaceful sleep is all that you need for breaking off from all the pressures and stresses that you experience in life.

However, sweating during sleep can deprive an individual from this significant human requirement. Constantly tossing and turning over damp bed sheets results in sleeplessness which eventually affects the performance of an individual at school or at work.

Causes Of Sweating During Sleep

It is important for the people to know the causes of sweating during sleep before looking forward to getting rid of this condition.

Causes of Sweating During Sleep

Some of the common causes of sweating during night are as follows:

Menopause or Andropause

Both men and women tend to be prone to night sweats. Hormonal changes caused during Andropause or menopause affect the hypothalamus in men and women which directly affects the temperature of the body and thus increases the levels of sweat.

Wrong Eating Habits And Lifestyle

Living a sedentary lifestyle can also serve as the main cause of night sweats. Obesity due to the intake of fatty food without practicing proper exercise can be the main cause of sweating during sleep. The intake of alcohol and caffeine in large amounts is also connected to night sweats as these affect the sweat glands of an individual.


Dreaming is another common cause of night sweats among people. Dreams tend to be very powerful and they can result in physiological reactions causing night sweats.


There are certain medications that can also serve as the main causes of sweating during sleep. Medicines used for treating high blood pressure like lisinopril and metaprol cause nocturnal sweating.

Tuberculosis, HIV And Diabetes

Diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis and Diabetes increase the temperature of the body resulting in extreme perspiration. Night sweats accompanies with heart rate changes, chest pains and heavy breathing should immediately be treated.

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