Know the Various Signs And Symptoms Of Sleep Disorders

By on August 5, 2013

Signs And Symptoms Of Sleep DisordersNot feeling refreshed after waking up in the morning after 7 to 8 hours of sleep is one of the most common signs and symptoms of sleep disorders.

You might be one among the millions who are suffering from sleep disorders. There can be many factors that might induce it. This might be related to the job nature, work conditions, stressful daily life, peer pressure, mental issues, worries, personal problems or physical health problems.

Whichever might be the cause, you can find out if you are having this issue by making a note of the various signs and symptoms of sleep disorders every day.

In general, this is a common condition among women after their menopausal stage and among men during their old age as the hormonal change would cause disruption in the airway passage causing sleep disorders.

But, with our unhealthy mechanical lifestyles is resulting in showing of signs and symptoms of sleep disorders in young, and sometimes in teenage and adolescent ages itself. These conditions can lead to chronic conditions such as stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Loud or chronic snoring:

This is one of the prominent signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, which you will know through your spouse or roommate. You tend to snore while you sleep as it is caused by the obstruction in the airway. This sound is the result of the soft tissue vibrating, while the air passes through a narrow airway.

When you regularly snore, you might leave your partner awake all night, which is a severe sign and symptom. It is advisable to seek immediate medical help to find out if it is a sure sign.

Gasping for air:

If you have sleep disorders, it is common for you to suffer from gasping or choking for air. This happens as the level of oxygen in your blood is very low when you pause for breathing and it automatically sends signals to your brain to wake up and draw a breath immediately.

Sometimes you might even experience gasping for breath for 20 to 30 seconds which means you need to seek the advice of your physician immediately.

Feeling exhausted all day:

When you feel very tired and fatigue the whole day which affects your performance at the work place then it might be one among the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders as you might be deprived of sleep.

Do not ignore this symptom as when you have trouble sleeping at night, your body will not have the time to take enough rest and repair itself. Sometimes, you might feel sleepy and tired even if you have slept for 7 to 8 hours per day which is a sure sign of sleep disorders.

High blood pressure levels:

When you are experiencing hypertension all of a sudden, it means your body goes into fight mode causing a hike in the blood pressure levels. This might even put you under the risk of cardiovascular condition.

Visiting the bathroom frequently while sleeping:

Urinating frequently at night can occur frequently among adults between 55 and 84. This is one among the classic signs and symptoms of sleep disorders. If you visit the bathroom more than 3 times at night in between sleep then you have to see your doctor.

Waking up with a headache:

If you are suffering from the sleeping disorder, you might wake up with a headache frequently as the low level of oxygen in the brain causes the pain.

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