Try These Simple Methods Of Home Treatment For RLS

By on May 6, 2015

RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome is a very common disease that can strike almost anyone at any given time. This disease is generally characterized by a feeling of discomfort in the leg and there are possibilities of this disease spreading to other parts of the body like the torso and the arms.

There is no good cure for this disease but there are some treatments that can be used for relieving the pain. Home treatment for RLS comes as one of the best alternatives to taking other treatments which might or might not work in healing the pain.

Methods Of Home Treatment for RLS

You can try these best ways of home treatment for RLS includes:

Home Treatment For RLS

Diet Change

A lot of people suffering from RLS often overlook this simple remedy. Making some slight changes to one’s diet, people can get rid of RLS. People suffering from RLS should try and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

They must include a lot of vegetables and fruits in their diet. These foods are rich in their content of iron and folic acid and work out well for people suffering from RLS.

Regular Exercise

It has been proved through studies that people suffering from RLS can get rid of the symptoms of this disease by practicing moderate exercises which help in building up the lower body. Such people can even practice aerobics.

Follow A Proper Sleeping Habit

It is essential for people suffering from RLS to follow a proper sleeping habit. This gives them good rest which is quote beneficial in alleviating the pain caused by Restless Leg Syndrome.

Make sure that you go to bed at the same time everyday and also ensure that your room is quite comfortable.


People who tend to be stressed all the time are the common victims of RLS. Therefore, if you remain stressed most of the time then make sure that you relax for at least some time during the day. Relaxing will help you in avoiding the occurrence of RLS.

Cold Or Warm Compress

If you are suffering from painful RLS, try applying cold or warm compress on your legs. This will serve to be very effective in alleviating the pain caused due to RLS.