Narcolepsy: A MIdday Knockout

By on October 7, 2011

narcolepsyIn the world today, nearly three million people and even some animals suffer from a chronic sleep disorder called narcolepsy. According to PubMed Health, narcolepsy is a condition that causes “excessive sleep and frequent daytime sleep attacks.” These attacks can occur at anytime during the day including during work, school, or while driving.

They can be extremely dangerous for both the person suffering from the disorder as well as others around them when the attacks occur. Narcolepsy is a nerve disorder that tends to run in families, which means there is no way to prevent it. There is also no treatment for this disorder but prescription drugs and lifestyle adjustments can be used to manage the sleep attacks and symptoms.

This sleep disorder is a growing issue in our society today. It is important for us to learn about it because not only does it effect people with the disorder, it also effects those who come in contact with them in everyday life. Normal people go through the REM cycle after ninety minutes of sleep whereas narcoleptics go through the REM cycle within ten minutes of sleep. This is why they fall asleep for fifteen minutes and wake up feeling refreshed.

Narcoleptics feel extremely tired every three to fours hours and usually they end up falling asleep for a short time. I once had class with a boy who suffered from narcolepsy. He would randomly fall asleep in the middle of class and stay asleep for close to fifteen minutes. Everyone was very confused because we were unaware that he had this condition. That is why it is so important for people to learn the basic information about narcolepsy. You never know who you will meet with the condition. It could be anyone.

Source: UThink Blogs

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