Non 24 Hour Sleep Disorder – Everything You Need To Know

By on July 27, 2016

Non 24 hour sleep disorder also known as Non-24-hour sleep wake disorder is a type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. This disorder effects the 24-hour synchronization of body’s sleep wake cycle of a person.

This sleep disorder affects the patient’s life very much. People with non 24 hours sleep wake disorder are unable to do their everyday tasks and activities at school, workplace, and social activities properly.

What Is Non 24 Hour Sleep Disorder Actually?

Non 24 Hour Sleep Disorder

Normally, people sleep according to 24 hours sleep wake cycle and sleep during night time and awake and doing their normal activities during day. Everyday our body resets after sleep with daylight. And when there is no sunlight our body resets to sleep mode. Light shows a greater influence on our sleep wake cycle.

But, a person with non 24 hour sleep disorder face problem in sleeping during night and also during regular daily activities during daytime. These people have sleep wake cycle of more than 24 hours.

For instance, for a person with 25hours sleep wake cycle. He goes to sleep one hour late on first day and two hours day on second, and this goes on. This results in facing difficulty for getting sleep, and remaining awake during daytime.

The main reason for this non-24 hour sleep wake cycle is failure of light reaching suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) in blind people and due to other reasons in non-blind people. Suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) are the one which triggers the circadian rhythm.

Commonly found symptoms of non 24 hour sleep disorder include facing difficulty in getting sleep during nights, and felling sleepy during daytime. Other common symptom is that sleep cycle seems to be shifting further and further every night, and waking up late in the morning.

Treatments For Non 24 Hour Sleep Disorder

Non 24 hour sleep wake disorder treatment targets on resetting the sleep wake cycle. Treatment is categorized depending upon whether the patient is blind or not.

Treatment For Non-Blind People

Non 24 hour sleep wake disorder treatment for people who are not blind includes light therapy and taking Melatonin receptor agonists. In some cases, both methods are prescribed. Going out around in a bright sunny day is also helpful in treating non 24 sleep disorder.

Treatment For Blind People

For people who are blind only usage of melatonin receptor agonists is prescribed. This is people light from bright light therapy does not reach SCN due to blindness. The melatonin medications that are used for treating insomnia are used for treating this sleep disorder.


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