Which are the Best Non Addictive Sleeping Aids?

By on November 15, 2013

What is best for you? What you need to know about non-addictive sleeping aids?

Apart from the antihistamine-based sleeping pills and hormone melatonin, all most all the non-addictive sleeping aids are herbal. Some herbal remedies like valerian, kava and chamomile have been used for centuries in order to cure insomnia.


Non Addictive Sleeping AidsIt is extracted from the root portion of the valerian plant can effective for good night sleep. The major side effects from this herb are headaches and upset stomach. Also, it can greatly interact with various other sedatives.


It is also a natural non-addictive sleep aid that is consumed in either tea or pill form. Consuming this herb prior going to bed can help promote sleepiness as well as relaxation.

Other than herbs, there are some other non-addictive sleeping aids like relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

The main sleep hormone in human body is melatonin. This hormone is at its highest level during the nights and the levels decrease gradually when the daylight starts.

Melatonin Pills

People who have difficulty in getting sleep can use melatonin pills. Studies said that there are minimal side effects, but there is no evidence on the long-term use of the pills.

Most nonprescription pills available now as sleeping aids contain antihistamines as the major ingredient. This ingredient may counteract with the brain chemical called histamine, which keeps your brain alert.

Even the antihistamines are non-addictive; they do have some side effects. People who used antihistamines as sleeping aids have complained that they feel hang over for several hours after waking up from the sleep.

Other than herbs and medications, there are some other non-addictive sleeping aids that are altering your lifestyle habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, stressful activities during the day.

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