Recognize Sleep Deprivation Symptoms for Early Treatment

By on June 7, 2013

Sleep Deprivation SymptomsOne of the most necessary elements for good health is a good night sleep. It is as important as a healthy diet and exercise.Sleep plays a significant role in sustaining good health and well-being throughout your life.

Having enough sleep can help to protect your physical health, mental health, safety and the quality of life. However, today many people are suffering from sleep deprivation because of lifestyle, alcoholism,smoking, stress, depression and anxiety disorders.This condition occurs if you do not get enough sleep.

Insufficient sleep can cause both physical and mental-health problems, injuries, loss of productivity and also higher risk of death. Sleep deprivation is linked to many severe health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, kidney disease and depression.

Day-to-day, it is becoming more and more common in our society and it is important that do not neglect this growing problem. Knowing the most common sleep deprivation symptoms is the first step in finding a solution for the problem.

Some of the most common sleep deprivation symptoms include:

Drowsiness: It is abnormal sleep during daytime. People who are drowsy may fall asleep at inappropriate times. Extreme daytime drowsiness will cause sleep apnea, insomnia and narcolepsy. 8 hours of sleep every day is essential for each person to recharge the cells in the body. It is also linked to some serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Moodiness and Irritability: There are many kinds of behavioral problems, which can be associated with lack of sleep. Irritability and moodiness are common sleep deprivation symptoms.

Slow mental performance: It is one of the most debilitating sleep deprivation symptoms. Brain is among those most important organs affected by inadequate sleep. Your brain requires rest in order to restore any information and function properly. Lack of sleep can effect on your mental ability and memory.

Deep sleep can play an important role in memory as it facilitates connections between nerve cells. Sleep helps to maintain daytime alertness. People who do not get adequate sleep can become less sensitive to insulin. Also, this increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, which are serious to the person’s brain.

Weak immune system performance: When the body does not get enough sleep, it will cause many health problems. Lack of sleep can also result in an impaired immune system. If you are lacking sleep, the result will be a weaker immune system. This is a serious health problem as the immune system protects your body from common health problems like influenza and common cold.

Blurred vision: Irregular sleep can lead to cardiovascular diseases, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, obesity and also vision diseases. Ophthalmology department found that sleep deprivation will cause blurred vision and eye discomfort.

Discomfort: It is not a pain, but dull feeling all over your body. Nothing will help to relieve the discomfort, even sitting and lying down does not help.

If you notice any of these sleep deprivation symptoms, it is better to consult your doctor as he/she identifies the sleep disorders early and suggest the appropriate treatment.

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