REMstar Pro With AutoIQ From Philips Respironics

By on October 19, 2011

REMstar Pro With AutoIQPhilips Respironics introduces new REMstar Pro With AutoIQ in the CPAP therapy devices list. It is a curiously smart and powerfully convenient.

Introducing the AutoIQ Mode

Ideally, you want to be able to track a sleep apnea patient’s progress over several nights, establish an ideal therapy pressure, and then check back periodically just to make sure therapy is still optimal. In reality, providing that level of service to every patient is neither practical nor equitable.

That’s where the REMstar Pro with AutoIQ comes in. With two distinct phases – Auto-Trial and Auto-Check – the AutoIQ mode uses the proven Philips Respironics auto algorithm to track and deliver breath-by-breath therapy and set an ideal fixed CPAP pressure. It then reassesses treatment needs periodically and changes therapy pressures automatically – without the need for you to send someone to the patient’s home. AutoIQ is one intelligent sleep therapy solution that is always curiously smart and powerfully convenient.

The result of a shared commitment

Sharing your dedication to allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of better sleep and brighter days, Philips Respironics is committed to developing meaningful innovations that help us all get one step closer to making patient
success automatic. The AutoIQ mode is evidence of that shared mission and of our ongoing pledge to you and your patients.

Source: Philips Respironics

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