ResMed Caters To Women With New Line Of Therapy Products

By on October 29, 2011

ResMed Corp CPAP therapy products for womenResMed Corp released their line of CPAP therapy products for women known as “Choices for Her.” The offering includes three masks specially designed for women from ResMed’s FX Series, as well as the S9 AutoSet for Her therapy device.

“By providing a range of choices for this specific patient segment, we hope to overcome the psychological hurdle of treatment for first-time female patients as well as introduce a new set of offerings for patients who have already been on therapy for a while,” said Bernadette McBrearty, vice president, product marketing. “We want to send the message that they can still look and feel like themselves while on therapy.”

For health care providers, the “Choices for Her” range allows them to offer more fitting options and customized styling for their female patients, which may help them accept therapy early on and remain compliant in the long run. It gives them the opportunity to introduce a new line of products that were designed with women’s specific needs in mind.

The FX family of masks, which boasts lightweight, unobtrusive design and comfortable cushion technology, offers a female-friendly version for all three mask categories. The Quattro FX for Her provides the coverage and stability of traditional full face masks with a clear field of vision. The Mirage FX for Her nasal mask is compact and lightweight and features soft headgear with only four parts for easy wear and care. The Swift FX for Her nasal pillows system offers softness, simplicity, and stability in a minimalist design.

Going beyond masks, ResMed also introduced the S9 AutoSet for Her within the “Choices for Her” range. Offering the quiet comfort of the S9 Easy-Breathe motor and Enhanced AutoSet algorithm, the S9 AutoSet for Her ensures that her sleep environment remains quiet and peaceful.

“ResMed now has an extensive solution for female patients with the FX Series masks and the S9 AutoSet for Her,” stated McBrearty. “By investing in developing new features that are important to women, we are also providing support to health care providers who are committed to patient compliance. ‘Choices for Her’ is just that—a new approach to therapy designed to give women more choice, more comfort, and more confidence in their therapy experience.”

Source: Sleep Review Mag

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