Safety Measures To Follow For Sleepwalking In Children

By on November 10, 2015

Sleepwalking is a condition which is also called Parasomnia of arousal, noctambulism or somnambulism, which generally occurs during the first two hours of sleep. This is a condition which specifically occurs during light sleep or NREM or non-rapid eye movement at night.

Sleepwalking in children is common and it is very important for parents to watch out for the safety measures that they can take while their child walks in sleep.

It is quite important to take certain safety measures for children who tend to walk in their sleep, especially if they get out of their bed and their bedroom and even the main door. The entire home needs to be childproofed for avoiding any kind of injuries.

Sleepwalking In Children

Safety For Sleepwalking In Children

Some of the safety measures for sleepwalking in children that need to be taken by parents include:

Stay Calm

Parents need to stay calm while guiding their child back to sleep in a very soothing manner. Parents should keep in mind not to wake their child because he or she can get very upset if this is done. Waking the child might also make the sleepwalking episode longer.

Doors And Windows Should Be Locked

All the doors and windows of the house should be locked securely. This helps in safeguarding the sleepwalking child from getting out of his or her bedroom and out of the main door of the house as well.

Tripping Hazards Should Be Removed

All sorts of tripping hazards should be removed from the hallway and even from the room of the child. Parents who feel that the safety of their sleepwalking child is at considerable risk should make it a point to consult a doctor or a health professional. The bedroom should be kept organized while wiping all scattered foods and spills from the child’s bedroom.

Use Of Regular Beds

Regular beds should be given to children who have the tendency of walking in their sleep. They should not be allowed to sleep on bunk beds as these beds can cause severe accidents.

Bedroom Should Be Located On The Ground Floor

It is always a good idea to get the bedroom of your child located on the ground floor as this helps in avoiding sleepwalking accidents.

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