Severe Sleep Deprivation Symptoms and Treatments

By on March 9, 2016

If you are not able to sleep well or if you are not getting enough sleep, this is not a healthy sign for your body. It is important for you to know that you might have to pay a big price for this. Sleep deprivation significantly affects an individual’s performance, pocketbook, safety and most importantly his or her health.

Regular stress and other mental and medical health conditions might be the main cause of sleep deprivation. However, it is also important to note that sleep deprivation might also be the result of an unrecognized sleep disorder.

Severe Sleep Deprivation

Severe Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

So, let us see what the symptoms of severe sleep deprivation are

Feeling Drowsy or Tired

Feeling drowsy or tired at any time throughout the day is one of the major symptoms of sleep deprivation. If an individual is able to fall asleep in not more than 5 minutes during the evening, this must be taken as a symptom of sleep deprivation.

Poor Memory and Concentration

Sleep deprived people might have poor memory and concentration. These people show impairments in memory performance and sustained attention.

Treatments for Severe Sleep Deprivation

Here are some of the best treatments for severe sleep deprivation, which work effectively in treating:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is quite effective in treating sleep deprivation. This therapy helps people in establishing regular sleep schedules. It improves the sleep quality of the affected in not more than two months.

Developing an Improved Bedroom Setting

It is not just the bedtime schedule but even the bedroom setting that has a significant role to play in improving the sleep quality of an individual. If you really want good riddance from sleep deprivation, it is necessary for you to have a cool, dark and quiet bedroom.

Sleep Medications

Prescription sleep medicines can be of good help in treating sleep deprivation. However, the side effects of these medicines need to be discussed with an expert.

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