Know About Shift Work Sleep Disorder Symptoms And Treatments

By on July 28, 2015

Shift work disorder generally occurs when an individual has difficulties adjusting to a certain work schedule which takes place at a time when others sleep. In people suffering from shift work disorder, there is a battle between the work schedule and the circadian rhythms of the body.

People suffering from shift work disorder tend to sleep at least four hours less in comparison to average workers. These people face problems in sleeping and they also feel overly tired.

They have poor sleep quality and might wake up feeling completely unrefreshed. Shift Work Sleep Disorder Symptoms generally last as long as an individual keeps the work schedule.

Common Shift Work Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Some of the most commonly experienced shift work sleep disorder symptoms are mentioned below:

Shift Work Sleep Disorder Symptoms


People suffering from shift work sleep disorder generally face a lot of problem in sleeping. This is because they work during the night or they might be switching shifts. These people may find it difficult to fall asleep, or to remain asleep for sufficient time.

Excessive Sleepiness

Excessive sleepiness when there is need of alertness is commonly observed. Excessive sleep is actually due to sleep deprivation and having difficulties in staying awake by the shift worker.

Maintaining mental performance and alertness becomes difficult for such people with an increase in the desire to nap, irritability and dozing intentionally.

Cognitive Impairment

Shift worker is generally deprived of sleep, which results in insufficient rest to body and mind. As a result these individuals experience decreased alertness and cognition. Decrease in concentration, and lack of energy is also observed.

Shift Work Disorder Treatment Methods

These common shift work sleep disorder symptoms can be treated using following methods:

Sleep Scheduling

People suffering from this condition must follow a strict sleep-wake protocol. They must schedule their sleep in order to get sufficient amounts of quality sleep.

People working in shifts should make it a point to plan their sleep time accordingly. This helps in optimizing sleep quality.

Bright Light Therapy

Darkness is the most vital thing in inducing sleep. Bright light is to be maintained while working in night shift. This makes the delay in body sleep clock. Similarly, bright light is to be avoided during the daytime for inducing sleep.

Power Naps

Power naps during short breaks can be very effective in treating shift work sleep disorder. Power naps can help in making individuals less groggy and alert.

Tips For Sleeping In Daytime

Making the bedroom environment as sleep friendly is very important thing to sleep during daytime. Making bedroom dark, away from noise, using eye masks, etc can be of great help having sleep during daytime for shift workers.

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