Debilitating Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Our Mind

By on October 24, 2014

Most of the people ignore the importance of sleep habits. Yes…They are very much important than you think. You can’t even imagine how severe the side effects of lack of sleep are.

Do you think that not sleeping enough or not sleeping well is not OKAY for your health? You are absolutely light!!! Also you need to pay much for it.

Though it may be surprising you to earn about sleep deprivation, for whatever the reason it is… It will affect your health, performance and even safety.

Side Effects Of Sleep DeprivationDo you know that the major effects of lack of sleep will be on your mind? Aaahhh… Yes it is the truth.

There are lot of health effects of sleep deprivation like daily work stress, kids, health problems and other unrecognized sleep disorders.

Once you are lack of night sleep continuously for 2-3 days, you may not feel refreshed, restored and even feel sleepy throughout the day.

Here one thing you have to remember is you are totally unaware of the thing that you are sleep deprived or have any kind of sleep disorder. You might feel that, it is just work stress or your kids.

Here are the Most Dangerous Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation:

1. Whenever you feel daytime sleepiness, ultimately it will reduce your alertness and greatly affect you productivity. All these factors can cause impaired memory and cognitive ability, which is the ability to think and process the information.

2. Sleep deprivation disrupts the neural pathways that allow the information to travel smoothly from one location of your brain to another.

Your thoughts will be diverted into the wrong directions thus resulting in your working memory that handles problem-solving and decision making will eventually struggle performing normally.

3. Sleep deprivation can even increase the chemical level such as serotonin in the brain during the daytime. Increased production of serotonin means you are under depression.

4. Sleep deprivation can cause serious hormonal disruptions. Ghrelin is a hormone responsible to stimulate the feelings of hunger will be increased by 15 percent when you are sleep deprived.

So, sleep deprived people will eat more and gain weight easily. According to studies, people who were sleep deprived have gained almost 2.2 pounds within a week.

5. Poor sleep is also responsible for lower levels of leptin hormone, which is responsible for regulation of the energy.

6. Also your brain will struggle to curate and sort new memories. You are able to absorb the information, but your brain is not in a mood to make use of the information for good cause.

7. We all know that when we sleep, the neurons and cells in the brain will also go into the rest phase. If you are having lack of sleep for 3-4 nights, cells and neurons in the brain will not get an adequate snooze. This condition leads to the death of several neurons whereas some other may become clogged with protein.

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