Sleep And Mental Health – Know How They Are Related

By on March 20, 2015

Sleep and mental health are inter-related. Lack of proper and adequate sleep might take a toll on the mental health of an individual.

A good sleep during the night is considered very important for the overall health of an individual.

This is because, it is only during sleep that the human body repairs itself from the stress and the damages endured during the day.

Sleep And Mental Health Relationship

Let us see how sleep and mental health are inter related to each other.

Sleep And Mental Health

Body Repairs During Sleep

Studies have proved the fact that stress and damages can have long term and immediate effects on the human body if the body is not able to receive good sleep.

You can manage to get a good sleep every night by getting into the habit of going to bed and rising up from bed at the same time on a regular basis. This will have a positive impact on the overall health of your body.

When you have good sleep at night, your body and your brain takes the time to focus on other important things that you might not have thought of during the day and this ensures proper body healing.

All health conditions and diseases get healed immediately when the body is able to receive good sleep.

Improvised Mental Health

Sleep is considered very important for the proper mental health as not getting enough sleep can have very similar effects on mental health as alcohol. Lack of sleep can result in the slowing down reaction time resulting in situations of deadly accidents.

Poor levels of concentration, poor moral judgment and poor memory are also some after effects of inadequate sleep. Lack of enough sleep can also result in emotional problems like bipolar, depression, stress and anxiety.

The mental health of an individual suffers drastically because of the fact that the body is not able to rejuvenate and heal the cells of the brain in a timely way. From the above illustration, it can rightly be said that there is a very close relationship between sleep and mental health.