Sleep Apnea Ups Blood Sugar Levels

By on April 8, 2014

A new study has found out that there is link between sleep apnea and diabetes. As sleep apnea elevates the blood sugar levels, this in turn increases the risk of heart problems, and risk of death.

This study was led by Professor Walter McNicholas, MD, FRCPI, FRCPC, FCCP, who is Newman Clinical Research Professor at University College Dublin. He said this study is the largest one conducted on the link between sleep apnea and diabetes.

Sleep Apnea and DiabetesHe also said that, sleep doctor should also consider the co-existence of diabetes, when treating a person who is diagnosed with sleep apnea.

For this study, researchers analyzed a group of 5,294 sleep apnea patients. HbA1c levels in these patients were considered for measuring their blood sugar levels.

This HbA1c allowed the researchers in understanding their blood sugar levers more appropriately.

As the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients increases, the risk to heart diseases along with it.

The researchers of this study carried out their investigation in non-diabetic sleep apnea patients in this group to analyze the link between sleep apnea and HbA1c levels by altering various glucose level concentrations.

The outcome of this investigation showed that there is significant link between severity of sleep apnea and HbA1c levels. After seeing the outcomes, to analyze further, this group was further sub-divided based on the sleep apnea severity in them.

After further investigation by the researchers showed that there was raise in Hb1Ac levels in these groups. Study suggests that sleep doctors who are treating sleep apnea patients should be aware of co-existing diabetes.