Sleep Number Beds – A Comfortable Way of Sleeping

By on November 8, 2010

Sleep number beds are manufactured by Select Comfort, a US based company. This company is providing a variety offer of thirty-night challenge for the customers. They are allowing the customers to take the Sleep number bed to their home and have a trail test for 30 nights. This provides a good opportunity for the customers to try it out for themselves.

Sleep Number Beds Types:

The Sleep Number beds can be broadly classified by Select Comfort Company into three types:

  • Sleep Number Classic Series
  • Sleep Number Performance Series
  • Sleep Number Innovation Series

Sleep Number Classic Series:

c2 Sleep Number Bed:
c2 Sleep Number Bed is the original model that launched a sleep revolution. With a single touch adjustable air-chamber design of this bed allows to change the bed’s firmness from pillowy soft to pleasantly firm. This bed comes with a comfort layer of 8-inch Plush-style mattress and soft to touch knit fabric.

c3 Sleep Number Bed:

c3 Sleep number bed comes with a 9-inch-style mattress and soft to touch knit fabric, which is breathable and help you to sleep comfortably. The plush comfort material adds an extra layer of contouring support. The wireless, backlit digital remote, which comes with this bed, provides for easy adjustments of the bed.

c4 Sleep Number Bed:

c4 Sleep number bed lets you take control the comfort level in your own hands. The handheld remote, which comes with this bed, allows you adjust the firmness of the bed. It comes with 10-inch-European-Style pillow-top features a soft and breathable knitted fabric and also with a contouring comfort material.

cSE Sleep Number Bed:

cSE sleep number bed is a special edition bed, which is only available for a limited time. This comes with a 10-inch-European-style Pillow-Top, which is knitted with breathable velvety soft sleeping surface. It also comes with 1 ½ inch layer of newest Intralux comfort layer.

Sleep Number Performance Series:

p5 Sleep Number Bed:

p5 Sleep Number Bed is the most popular adjustable mattress model, that helps you to take control of the comfort in your own hands. It comes with a 11-inch European-style super-soft pillow-top with soft and breathable knitted fabric and a full 2-inch exclusive Intralux comfort material. It comes with unique zones, which naturally supports your body curves.

p6 Sleep Number Bed:

p6 sleep number bed comes with a generous layer of the latest comfort material, which is specially designed with fabric knitted 12-inch European-style Pillow-Top, which is combination of comfort layers for incredible pressure-point relief. It is designed in such a way that it reduces pressure and enhances air circulation for a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

p7 Sleep Number Memory Foam Bed:

p7 sleep number memory foam bed is unique variant of Sleep Number beds, which combines the memory foam mattress comfort and setting your ideal level of firmness. It allows you and your partner to enjoy the feel of slow-response memory foam, without any comprise for the freedom for personalizing the comfort on each side of the bed. It comes with a 10-inches contemporary-style bed and with soft and breathable knitted Pillow-Top.

Sleep Number Innovation Series:

i8 Sleep Number Bed:

i8 sleep number bed helps you to have finest quality sleep that you deserve to have. It comes with a 12-inch Duvet-style Pillow-top, which features exclusive comfort material for contouring support, and also with breathable all-natural sleeping surface softened with aloe vera. This helps you to stay in just the right temperature throughout the night.

i10 Sleep Number Bed:

i10 sleep number bed provides pure comfort and most personalized sleep that you can have. This comes with 13-inch Duvet-style Pillow-top, featuring a soft and breathable fabric knit. The Balance material, featuring Outlast Platinum technology, which comes with this bed, minimizes the temperature swings that lead to sleep disruptions. There by providing pure comfortable and personalized sleep.

For further information Sleep Number Beds

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  1. Steward Johston

    November 9, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Well,,I am interested to consider Sleep Number beds to replace my old bed at home. Could somebody give me suggestion on the best type for back pain sufferer? I have back pain problem and I think my bed makes it worse. I don’t wanna have this problem with my new bed. thanks a bunch.

    • admin

      November 9, 2010 at 6:20 pm

      Hi Steward Johston,
      Well, First of all, I need to tell you that this is just a information providing site. I cannot suggest you anything. But, after going through all the reviews about Sleep Number Beds… i10 sleep number bed is perfect…
      Thanking you,
      Sleep Well Blog