Knowing the Sleep Paralysis Causes to Treat the Condition in Early Stages

By on June 11, 2013

Sleep Paralysis CausesSleep paralysis causes mainly depend on the type of sleep paralysis the person is experiencing. There are two types of sleep paralysis, such as predormital sleep paralysis that occurs when you are sleeping and postdormital sleep paralyses that occurs when you are awakening.

Sleep paralysis is usually linked to other sleep phenomenon like dreams, night time fear, sleep on walking and nightmare. It is not considered as a dangerous health problem, but it is frightening condition. Certain factors may increase the risk of sleep paralysis such as age, sleep deprivation, insomnia, irregular sleep times and family history.

Sleep paralysis will come with other sleep disorders like narcolepsy as it is a neurological condition of sleep regulation, which affects the person who has uncontrollable sleeps. Sleep paralysis will affect about 50% of people at some stage during their lives.

However, it can happen in both men and women at any age. The most common symptoms of sleep paralysis are hereditary, unable to move or speak for few minutes, happen before falling asleep or immediately after waking up.

Sleep Paralysis Causes

The sleep paralysis causes are still unknown, but there are several things that you can consider to identify sleep paralysis such as:

  • Sleeping on the back
  • Psychological problems like tension, stress, and bipolar disorder.
  • Frequent changing of sleep timings
  • Not getting sufficient sleep
  • Other sleep problems like narcolepsy
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Having a family history of Sleep paralysis
  • Usage of Several types of medicines
  • Severe anger is one of the sleep paralysis causes
  • Hallucinations. During this, you will feel like someone is with you in the room and strange sounds
  • Substance abuse such as alcohol, smoking and drugs
  • Night time leg pain
  • Some genetic disorders
  • The condition occurs in people who work late shifts, night shifts and early shifts
  • Reduced production of particular protein in the brain may be one of the causes of sleep paralysis

Avoiding sleep paralysis cases and following the better sleep guidelines will greatly help to recover from the condition. If it occurs more than once, it is better to speak with your doctor as he/she will suggest some appropriate medicines in order to cure this problem.

Your doctor will also suggest a test like polysomnography test, which is conducted at a sleep center and records the sleeping habits of the patient.

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