How To Treat Sleep Talking Disorder?

By on June 26, 2013

Sleep Talking DisorderSleep talking disorder is another form of sleep difficulties where people can talk in their sleep. It is also known as somniloquy.

If your brain does not have complete control over your mind during sleep, then sleep talking is possible. Sleep talking is very common in children than adults. It can happen in any stage of NREM or REM sleep.

Sleep talking is related to various other sleep disorders like sleepwalking, REM sleep behaviour disorder, night terrors and sleep related eating disorders. Sleep talking is harmless to the talkers, but it disturbs other’s sleep.


Sleep talking can be caused by anxiety, fever and depression, lack of sleep, day time sleepiness, and prescription drugs. In some cases, sleep talking runs in the families.

When to seek medical care:

If the problem is frequent, severe, abusive and emotional, you need to consult your sleep specialist. He or she will gather information from those who sleep with you at the night.

During consultation, you will also need to provide a complete medical history like any other sleep problem, presently used drugs and medications. These records help your doctor to know the cause of your problem and helpto give proper treatment.

Coping Up Tips for Sleep Talking Disorder:

Sleep talking disorder is harmless and rarely requires treatment. There are some ways help tominimise this disorder, such as:

  • Get proper rest because lack of sleep increases sleep talking disorder
  • Establish good sleeping habits
  • Follow a proper sleep routine like going to bed and getting up at the same time
    every day, which helps to reduce the sleep talking
  • Try to avoid watching TV, computer, caffeine, smoking and heavy meals at bedtime.
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety. You can reduce stress and anxiety by doing exercises and yoga regularly.
  • You should also keep books away from the bedroom.
  • In your diet, include tryptophan contained food like milk, eggs, wheat, almonds and
    cottage cheese, which helps to increases the level of sleep hormone and promotes good sleep.
  • Avoid excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Try to avoid a late supper
  • Cut out stimulants that help to trigger sleep talking disorder.
  • White noise machines is a latest electronic sleep machines which helps to treat sleep
    talking problems. It is also known as a sound conditioner that work by producing a soft noise and covers any irregular sounds.
  • Educational booklets and sleep programs may also help to alleviate the sleep talking disorder.

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