Sleep Terror Treatment Options That Work Effectively

By on January 15, 2016

The human body faces different types of risks every day and this also goes for the time when the body is at rest that is while sleeping. Sleep terror is one of the most common risks that the human body has to go through while sleeping.

The causes of this disorder seem to be too complicated and too mysterious to be solved entirely. The best sleep terror treatment is to know the triggers of this condition. This is a type of disorder that can occur both in adults and in children.

However, children are the most common victims of this disorder. This is due to the fact that children possess premature nervous system.

Sleep Terror Treatment

Sleep Terror Treatment Options

Some of the best sleep terror treatment options that work effectively in treating are included below:

Other Health Issues

Very often sleep terrors tend to be associated with underlying medical conditions. They can even be associated to mental conditions and other sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. Therefore, treatment for sleep terror caused to an underlying condition might be treating the condition directly.

Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a proper sleep schedule can also help in sleep terror treatment. Make sure to go to bed and wake up regularly at same time. This will help in having proper sufficient sleep and also in preventing sleep terrors.


Anxiety and stress are also one of the common causes for sleep terror. In this scenario, it is advisable to visit a counselor or therapist. Biofeedback, relaxation therapy, hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy might be of good help.


Medicines like benzodiazepines can be very effective in treating sleep terrors. However, medications are used for treatment in rare cases, particularly while treating children.

Prompted Awakenings

A technique known as prompted awakenings can be helpful in preventing future instances of sleep terror especially in children. This technique involves recording the time length between a child’s sleep and night terror instances. The child can then be awakened 15 minutes prior to the expected time of the terror.

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