Sleeping Pills And Depression – The Relationship

By on October 2, 2015

The people, who are in the habit of taking sleeping pills for sleep disorders, anguish and depression should be very clear with the fact that these pills are not safe. This is because sleeping pills can make an individual a victim to certain devastating side effects.

According to the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, approved sleeping pills like Ambien are very effective in treating insomnia. However, if these pills are used in a haphazard manner for obtaining relief from emotional pain and depression, they can wreak havoc in the life of an individual.

Sleeping Pills And Depression

Sleeping pills like Lunesta, Sonata and Ambien should only be used on a doctor’s prescription. Only registered medical practitioners can recommend the use of these medicines. Overdose or regular dose of sleeping pills can have disastrous effects on the health of an individual.

The Relation Between Sleeping Pills And Depression

The relation between sleeping pills and depression in viewed in the content of serious depression which causes sleeping problems. Nevertheless, it has been proved through studies that depression can worsen the side effects caused due to sleeping pills.

The link that exists between depression and sleeping pills is a cause of worry for many people. This is because sleeping oils have long been used for treating insomnia caused due to depression. Therefore, it is always beneficial to go for natural solutions for insomnia.

Using valerian root would be an effective natural solution for sleeping disorders of all kinds. It works better when compared to sleeping pills.

Misconceptions Regarding Sleep Requirements

The relationship between depression and sleeping pills gets worsened due to the misconceptions regarding sleep requirements. There are many people who are of this firm belief that each and every individual requires minimum eight hours of good sleep. Nevertheless, the truth is that each and every individual needs different amounts of quality sleep.

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