Sleeping Solutions For Toddlers

By on March 27, 2012

Sleeping Solutions For ToddlersThere are many sleeping solutions available, but you need to act wise in choosing the right solution for your toddler’s sleep. In most of the cases, sleeping issues in toddlers does not solve themselves, so as a parent you need take care of those issues and also look for best solutions.

First and foremost thing that you need to see whether your child is getting adequate sleep or not? You can follow natural sleeping solutions to solve the problem. These things will not have side effects on your baby.

Natural Sleeping Solutions For Your Toddler:

  • Provide a good sleeping environment to your child: Provide a sleep enhancing environment to your child that is dark, quite and cool. And do check for the comfort too. The mattress should be comfortable to sleep, so that nothing would disrupt the child’s sleep.
  • Use the daylight power to reset the child’s sleep schedule: Daylight would play an important role in resetting our normal circadian rhythms; expose your child to the daylight to wake up in the morning. From this activity you are giving a power cue to your child’s body in the morning.
  • Serve sleep enhancing food to your child: If you are serving complex carbohydrates with high protein, you are providing your baby a snack with a lot of lasting power. Child wouldn’t wakeup anytime soon if he is hungry. Foods that are high in sugar and protein can give more energy that would make it difficult to get to sleep. Particularly be careful; of the timing of the big meals and observe that how much of caffeine is consuming by your child.
  • Avoid computer or TV before bedtime: One of the best sleeping solutions is avoiding TV or computers as these things can stimulate children’s body and keep the child awake for longer time. Limit the media consumption of your child, so that you can reduce the fears of “the monster in the closet”.
  • Keep your toddler on a regular nap and sleep schedule: Your toddler, preschooler or infant’s bed time and wake-up time should be within the one-hour window. Don’t skip the schedule of sleeping and wake up timings.
  • Use the physical activity in order to promote the sleep: Another one of the natural sleeping solutions you can consider for your is providing your child with the possibilities to be physically active in the day time, which will make the child to have better sleep at night.
  • Observe what is your toddler doing before bedtime? Is he eating cake and cookies? Watching TV? Wresting with father? All of these actions, while have fun, are not favorable for the child to setting down for the bed easily and quickly. Keep all the actions on quiet aside.

Caution: Don’t be under the impression the giving sleeping pills to your baby can be the best solution, it is totally wrong. Doing such things will put your own child life in risk and it may suffer from long-term side effects. So do not make the mistake of giving sleeping pills to your toddler. Instead you can talk to the doctor and take his advice in finding the best sleeping solutions for your toddler.

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