Sleeping With Snoring Partner? Tips For Good Night Sleep

By on April 18, 2014

According to a new survey, about 51% of us have been woken by our partner snoring. The first and most important issue that you experience from your partner’s snoring is that you will be having poor sleep.

So, are you thinking about what is the solution? There are many things to do when you have to sleep with a snoring partner, such as:

Sleeping Position

Sleeping With Snoring Partner - Sleeping Position

Make you partner to sleep on his/her side. Usually people who sleep on their sides snore less. Though it is not possible to control the position during sleep, let your partner to sleep at the edge of the bed away from you so that the voice may not disturb you that much.

You can even keep some pillows against their back to ensure that the snorer doesn’t roll back, which helps in controlling snoring.

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