Sleepwalkers Safety Tips

By on July 12, 2012

Sleepwalkers whether children or adults, the most important point of concern is their safety. As they are in sleep, they are total unaware of their surroundings in which they are walking. This sleep walking is most often seen in children rather than in adults. Nearly 15% of children are sleepwalkers.

Actually, sleepwalking is done in the slow wave sleep, which is the deep sleep stage of a person. The sleepwalker, who is in low conscious, does activities like walking, cleaning, going to bathroom, etc.., which are the activities that are generally done while in full conscious. Sometimes, they even do dangerous activities like cooking and driving, which can be result in life taking accidents.

Sleepwalking is mostly seen in people who have a family background of sleepwalkers. Other causes are severe fever, general illness, deprived of sleep, alcoholism, hormonal changes, and we should not forget stress, which is one of the main causes of many diseases.

Sleepwalkers Safety Tips

Safety Measures For Sleepwalkers

As said earlier, the primary concern for sleepwalkers is their safety, let us see some safety tips for creating a safe sleeping environment.

  • Firstly, the doors and windows of a sleepwalker bedroom should be locked properly. It is even better to install an extra dead bolt to the door, which can provide extra safety.
  • If the sleepwalker is even unlocking the dead bolt, it is best to install a door alarm.
  • Install safety grill to windows, this will avoid the sleepwalkers from falling out of the windows.
  • Make sure that they are not deprived of sleep. Make them to practice good sleep habits, proper sleep hygiene and get adequate sleep.
  • It is good to remove the obstacles in the room of a sleepwalker. These obstacles can make the sleepwalkers to fall and get injured.
  • Some sleepwalkers behave violently, when they face any obstacle in their path. These obstacles irritate them and behave violently. This can be dangerous, if the obstacle is a person instead of something. So, in such cases it advisable to wake the sleepwalker.
  • Some of the sleepwalkers behave violently, while sleepwalking. For dealing such people, it is advisable to keep sharp things like knives, chemicals, and other dangerous activities out of their reach. Move even the knives in the kitchen room to a safer place.
  • Some of them, are prone to eating and drinking in sleep. For such people, make sure to keep the medications, cleaning chemicals, and other hazardous things away from the reach.

These are some of the safety measures you can consider. But, if a person is having sleepwalking episodes more than three times a week, then it is advisable to consult a doctor for further treatment.

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