How To Avoid Sleep Paralysis? Simple Steps To Follow

By on November 6, 2015

Are you wondering how to avoid sleep paralysis? There are a lot of people who experience sleep paralysis but they do not know exactly what this problem is. Sleep paralysis is a condition, in which person experiences inability to move, speak, or react while falling asleep or awakening from sleep.

A person affected by this condition does not move around and cause any sort of bodily harm to himself or herself in his or her wildest of dreams. Sleep paralysis is a condition when the brain forces the body to remain completely still so that an individual is able to sleep tight.

How To Avoid Sleep Paralysis

Sometimes an individual wakes before the mind unparalyzes the body. This is when the body remains paralyzed while the brain is awake and this is actually called sleep paralysis.

Steps For How To Avoid Sleep Paralysis

Learn how to avoid sleep paralysis by following these simple steps:

Try Sleeping On Your Side

If you want to learn how to avoid sleep paralysis then the very first thing that you need to do is try sleeping on your side rather than sleeping on the back. This will help you in avoiding the condition in the best way possible.

Avoid Having Heavy Meals Prior To Going To Bed

Alcohol can help you in sleeping but it can also disturb your sleep cycle. In the same way, heavy meals which are filled with sugars, proteins and fats also disturb sleep and therefore they should be avoided. Herbal teas such as lemon balm, passion flower and chamomile can be of good help as they relax the body as well as the mind.

Turn Off Electronics

Playing video games, watching television and messaging prior to going to bed can disrupt the normal sleep cycle of an individual. It is important for every individual to give oneself an hour of relaxation time with candles and soothing music.


Simple breathing meditation is one of the most effective and the fastest methods of avoiding sleep paralysis. It has been suggested through studies that the effects of proper meditation are quite positive on the human brain.

Avoid Becoming Sleep Deprived

Sleep paralysis generally occurs in people who are sleep deprived. Therefore, it is necessary for sufferers to maintain a very healthy and regular sleep pattern as this can help in reducing the chances of suffering from sleep paralysis.

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