Important Steps To Follow For Preventing SIDS

By on March 23, 2016

Parents who are aware of SIDS might be of the view that it is the worst nightmare for them. SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is also called crib death. SIDS is a condition when an infant under 12 months of age or even younger than that dies while sleeping without showing any clear reason or warning signs.

There are no proven techniques for preventing SIDS but there are a number of things that can be done for lowering the infant’s risk of dying in his or her sleep. There can be a considerable decrease in the death rate of infants due to SIDS by following these methods.

Steps For Preventing SIDS

Here are some important steps for preventing SIDS, which you need to follow:

Preventing SIDS

Solid Bed- No Bedding or Soft Toys

The infant should always be laid on a solid bed or surface in the bassinet or the crib. This helps in preventing suffocation or smothering. The infant’s bed should have a fitted sheet without any quilts, blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, sheepskin and crib bumpers.

Avoid Smoking Around The Baby

Women who are in the habit of smoking should quit this habit before getting pregnant. This is because babies born to mothers who were in the habit of smoking during pregnancy have increased chances of dying from SIDS.

Keep The Sleeping Baby Close But Not In Bed With You

The risks of SIDS can be lowered if a baby sleeps with his or her mother. However, it is dangerous for the baby to sleep with an adult or another child in the same bed, a couch or an armchair.

Breastfeed The Baby As Much As Possible

Breastfeeding can help in preventing SIDS. Experts are of the view that breast milk might protect the babies from various infections which might result in SIDS. It is also important for mothers to quit their intake of alcohol if they are into this habit.

Do Not Overheat The Baby

There are may people who keep a sleep sack and many other varieties of clothing for keeping the baby warm. This is not required at all. However, if the baby genuinely requires a blanket, keep it light in weight.

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