5 Surgical Options For Pediatric Sleep Apnea

By on January 3, 2014

Pediatric sleep apnea is a condition of difficulty in breathing and even stops breathing periodically during night and snore very loudly.

Over 10% of children are suffering from sleep apnea and is your kid among those. Not to be worried anymore! There are effective surgical procedures for treating children with sleep apnea.

For children who are dealing with sleep apnea symptoms, following surgical procedures can offer dramatic relief and also successful in solving sleep related problems.

Pediatric Sleep Apnea SurgerySurgery involves removal of enlarged tonsils or adenoid tissues. Here are the common and effective surgical solutions for sleep apnea in young children .


Adenoidectomy is the common surgical procedure involves removal of adenoid, lymphatic tissue that lies behind the nose.

This treatment is recommended for children who are very sick and will be admitted for observation in the hospital. Parents whose child is suffering with sleep apnea can be assured of best results after the surgery procedures.


Tonsillectomy is very common operation that is undertaken most frequently. This procedure involves the traditional technique of tonsils dissection using scissors, snares and dissectors without disturbing the capsule of the tonsils during surgery.

As to reduce the post-operative suffering, many new techniques like partial tonsillectomy with powerful instruments or laser have been developed in recent years. Thus, lessens the reoccurrence or re-growth of tonsillar tissue in children and gets the relief soon.


Adenotonsillectomy is considered as the first line of surgical therapy in children with obstructive sleep apnea. The procedure is used to remove the tonsils and adenoids surgically and increases the cross-sectional airway caliber in sufferers.

Children who are obese and sleep apnea patients, need regular follow-ups to evaluate the residual sleep apnea and to assess whether other interventions are required.

Mandibular surgery

Mandibular surgery is found very effective in young children and has numerous long-term benefits with very few complications. This procedure is reserved usually for children who cannot bear BiPAP or CPAP and for those who have severe obstruction sleep apnea.


This procedure is implicated by insertion of a tube directly into the neck in order to allow breathing freely and even clears the airways in the upper throat that are blocked.

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