Talking During Sleep – Is it really a Sleep Disorder?

By on July 5, 2013

Talking During SleepTalking during sleep in medical terms called as Somniloquy, which is an act of talking while you are sleeping. It is a kind of Parasomnia, an abnormal behavior that takes place during your sleep. It is a most common occurrence and is not usually considered as a medical problem.

Sleep talking usually involves simple sounds or long speeches. People usually talk to themselves; however they seem to carry on discussion with others. Some sleep talkers may whisper or some may shout loudly. If you sleep in someone’s bedroom that talks during his/her sleep, for sure you might not get enough sleep.

Who talks during the sleep?

Talking during sleep is a habit with many people. Usually children between the ages of 3-10 years carry on conversations during their sleep and about 5% of adults continue to chattering away after they go to the bed.

Talking during sleep can be occasionally, and in some cases it can be regular. Most studies think that sleep talking might run in families.

Are there any symptoms of talking during sleep?

A person cannot recognize himself if he is talking in his sleep. Usually other will tell you about your talking during sleep. Usually the symptoms include:

  • Loud talk
  • Simple sound to very long speeches
  • Talking many times during the sleep

Are there any factors that contribute to sleep talking?

Most people think that sleep talking occurs when they are dreaming. But studies are still trying to prove about how talking is linked to night-time reveries. Sleep talking can occur at any stage of sleep.

Sleep terrors or REM sleep behavior disorder are two main types that cause several people to talk loudly during the sleep. Sleep terrors usually involve thrashing, kicking and screaming. People with such night terrors usually either sleepwalk or sleep talk.

While, people with REM sleep behavior disorder will usually shout, scream, grunt and behave out of their dreams, sometimes violently.

This condition happens by itself and is generally harmless. However, during certain conditions, it might be a symptom of more serious sleep disorder. Usually sleep talking occurs along with sleepwalking and sleep related eating disorders. Here are several factors that can cause talking during sleep:

  • Emotional stress
  • Medications
  • Mental health disorder
  • Fever
  • Substance abuse

Is it necessary to consider treatment?

An average person who talks occasionally during the sleep may not require any treatment, but the bed partner needs earplugs. Sticking to better sleep habits can greatly help with the condition.

Avoid exercising in the afternoon or at night, drinking coffee before going to bed, and instead engage yourself in relaxing or de-stressing techniques that will help to improve your sleep cycle as well as transitions.

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