Tips for Beating Insomnia Caused Due to Menopause

By on November 22, 2013

When women are going through menopause, sleep disorders like insomnia are common issues caused by hot flashes.

Having good night’s sleep looks like an impossible dream for women with menopause. Some sleep strategies and lifestyle changes can help the women with menopause to get good night’s sleep.

Can Herbal Remedies Help Insomnia?

Valerian is the most common herbal sleep remedy for insomnia. Studies have shown that Valerian can improve:

  • Speed of falling asleep
  • Deep sleep and
  • Overall quality of sleep

Beating Insomnia - MenopauseTo get the improvement in the quality of sleep, take 530mg of Valerian twice a day for four weeks without fail. Valerian works effectively to get the rest you need.

How Hormone Therapy Helps?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a traditional treatment for treating women with menopause. Hormone replacement therapy works effectively in treating symptoms based on menopause such as insomnia and hot flashes.

HRT contributes estrogen that is given as patch, pill or vaginal cream either combined with progesterone (women still with uterus) or alone.

Melatonin Supplements:

Melatonin is another helpful option to treat insomnia. It is a hormone produced by pineal gland in the brain which is sensitive to dark and light. During night time, pineal gland switches on and starts to release melatonin into your blood that makes you to feel sleepy.

As the day starts, melatonin levels begin to decrease in your blood. Melatonin is the best and short-term option if you are regularly facing troubles during nights to sleep.

Yoga May Help With Insomnia:

Women who regularly suffer with trouble nights, they can find yoga as the best option to get the relax you need. Exercise may help women during menopause by improving sleep quality and reducing depression symptoms.

Yoga is also linked to get enough sleep during menopause stage. Link between better sleep and yoga is statistically important strategy for menopause symptoms.

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