Tips For How To Beat Jet Lag West To East That Really Works

By on August 27, 2016

People who travel from west to east generally face the problem of jet lag. While traveling from west to east, they cross multiple time zones. For instance, when a person travels from America to UK, he or she moves to time zone which is around 9 hours fast.

Our body follows a particular sleep wake cycle depending upon day light. When, a person travels to different time zone, it takes to few days for that person to adjust to the new time zone and sleep properly.

During this adjustment period, disruptions in sleep and wake schedules. This is known as jet lag. If you looking for how to beat jet lag west to east, then you need to know you can easily overcome jet lag by following simple tips.

How To Beat Jet Lag West To East

Tips For How To Beat Jet Lag West To East

Have a look at the tips for how to beat jet lag west to east travel that help you in overcoming the situation effectively:

  • Take proper rest prior to your travel. Resting properly for at least 2 days prior to your travel date will helps keeping you healthy and fit.
  • As you as enter the new time zone place, make sure to change your wrist watch time. And make you mentally prepared for new time zone.
  • Once you arrive, try to eat and sleep according to new time zone instead of your regular timings.
  • Make sure not to take a nap, as soon as you arrive. Try to stay awake and go to sleep according to the new time zone.
  • Spending outside in daylight is also helpful in overcoming jet lag while traveling from west to east. Daylight will make you active and also helps in adjusting your sleep awake timing.
  • You can also take help of melatonin while trying for how to beat jet lag west to east. Melatonin is the hormone, which induces sleep. But, make sure to take melatonin when it is dark.
  • If the sleeplessness is severe, you can also take help of prescription sleeping pills for inducing sleep during night in new time zone.

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