How To Stop Sleep Walking? Some Effective Tips

By on May 26, 2015

Learn how to stop sleep walking by trying out some of the most effective methods. But before that you should know what this disorder is in reality. Sleep walking is a very common disorder which affects people especially children.

There is no definite cure for this problem but there are a number of successful methods on How to stop sleep walking. There is a close link between sleep walking and insomnia and therefore people who have the problem of sleep walking should sleep more.

Tips For How To Stop Sleep Walking

Here are some of the effective methods for how to stop sleep walking:

How To Stop Sleep Walking


Relaxation gives better rest which automatically results in sounder sleep. The brain should not be over-stimulated before going to bed. Sleep walking instances can be minimized by listening to soft and calm music and taking a warm bath before going to bed.

Watching the television or using the computers are activities which should be completely prohibited before bedtime.


Hypnosis is an effective treatment for sleep walking. This is because both hypnosis and sleep walking are conditions that resemble each other.


People who have the tendency of walking in their sleep should avoid having heavy and rich foods like potatoes, maze and bread before bedtime. Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided because these can also increase sleep walking events.

Maintaining A Dairy

It is quite useful to maintain a diary for noting down daily activities and also the events of sleep walking. This helps in getting an exact idea about the severity of the condition.

This can also help an individual in pinpointing the daytime activities that might be acting as a trigger for sleep walking events.

Maintaining A Perfect Sleep Routine

People who are used to walking in their sleep should always follow an on schedule and consistent sleep routine. They should go to bed at the same time everyday and leave bed at the same time every morning.

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