Tips To Sleep During The Day For Night Shift Workers

By on June 23, 2015

Shift work sleep disorder is a common occurrence among police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, factory workers and paramedics. This is because all these professionals work during the night and even in rotational shifts.

Working in irregular shifts or during the night can hinder you from getting that daily snooze time taken granted by daytime workers.

There are a number of health problems like ulcers, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and insulin resistance that can be avoided by using the tips to sleep during the day.

Helpful Tips To Sleep During The Day

Here are some tips to sleep during the day, which are helpful for night shift workers.

Tips To Sleep During The Day

Do Not Work Night Shifts In A Row

If you spend several nights at your job, it might increase your chances of being sleep-deprived. Try limiting night shifts as this can induce sleeping habits and also try to schedule day offs while working in night shifts.

Limit Caffeine Intake

It is good to have coffee while starting your work at night but avoid having coffee during the later stages of the shift. If you have coffee just before going to bed during the daytime, you might face problems falling asleep easily.

Follow Daily Sleep-Wake Schedule

It is always beneficial to follow a daily sleep-wake schedule and this works even for those working during the day. You must ask the members of your family to limit visitors and phone calls while you sleep during the day.

Create Restful Environment

Make use of heavy curtains and blackout blinds that can help in blocking sunlight while you sleep during the day. You should do this because sunlight serves in the form of a stimulator. Sunlight tells you that it is daytime even if you sleep with your eyes closed.

Take Naps

Napping during late hours of the day just before going to work might be of good help in making up the sleep debt.

Try taking a nap for minimum thirty minutes and this helps in increasing alertness and in enhancing performance at work. These are some of the best tips to sleep during the day that a night shift worker can follow.