Top 10 Good Reasons for Why We Need Sleep

By on October 11, 2013

Sleep is one of the precious gifts of god. A good night sleep enables you healthy and cheerful when you get up from sleep. Obtaining enough night sleep is essential for your health and well-being in attaining a healthy lifestyle.

Here top 10 good reasons for why we need sleep:

Sleep improves your health:

Good Reasons for Sleep - Health

  • Lack of sleep is associated with worsening of cholesterol and blood pressure which in turn cause heart disease and stroke. Your heart will be healthier if you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • A good night sleep helps to strengthen the presence of one’s mind and consciousness. It helps make you feel vitalized and physically more alter.
  • Good sleep also improves your body’s defense mechanism and makes you less susceptible to numerous health issues.

Sleep reduces stress:

While in stressful situation, your muscles are tensed as well as stressed. Sleep decreases stress and the side effects of stress by providing your muscles time to relax and time for recovery. Sleep also aids to improve your productivity and reduces moodiness and anxiety.

Sleep improves your decision-making:

Good Reasons for Sleep - Decision Making

Sleepiness has a significant effect on the ability to make an efficient decision. If you’re facing problem in making decision ensure that you are well rested and relaxed.

Sufficient sleep not only helps you in reducing stress but also help you to be ready to deal with a decision making situation in everyday life.

Sleep Lessens pain:

When you have intense injury and have long-term pain, sleep may help in lowering pain. But possessing sound sleep might be effective like medicines for pain and discomfort. Having adequate sleep improves your balance and lessens your chance of injury from falling.

Sleep saves you from obesity:

Good Reasons for Sleep - Saves Obesity

Sleep may assist you preserve better hormonal balance, which helps you choose to consume more healthy foods. Lack of sleep is associated with weight gain. So if you want to avoid this, you must have adequate sleep.

Sleep Improves sex life:

Lack of sleep can interrupt your sexual life. For better love life, sufficient sleep is essential. Individuals who obtain enough sleep feel better about them, feel more sexually desirable and report higher-level of satisfaction.

Sleep reduces sickness:

Insomnia can impact your disease-fighting capability. Those who don’t get sufficient sleep are more likely to get sick and tired.

Good Reasons for Sleep - Sickness

Sleep provides the body a chance to replace chemicals and restoration of muscle tissues which in turn makes you feel energized and empowered.

Sleep Improves learning and memory:

A refreshing night’s sleep can be the best way to enhance your memory. While asleep, the connections between nerve tissues in the brain appear to strengthen, which can be vital for both learning and memory.

Getting enough sleep helps you to improve your learning and memory capabilities. Sometimes memory issues can be the consequence of insufficient night rest.

Sleep boosts your Mood:

Good Reasons for Sleep - Mood

Insufficient sleep may result in irritability, frustration, restlessness, moodiness and lack of self-control. It cannot only have an impact on your professional life, but also personal life. In fact, good night sleep improves your mood and your immune system.

Sleep helps you look better:

Lack of sleep can make you have dark circles and bags under your eyes and make your complexion pale and gray. So getting enough sleep makes you look better and feel you better.

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