Top 4 Causes For Snoring At Night

By on December 17, 2014

While you breathe while sleeping at night certain parts of your throat and mouth can vibrate resulting in a peculiar sound known as snoring. You do not snore when you are awake because of the fact that the muscles work while you are awake.

When you sleep, the muscles of the body relax including the muscles of the upper airway. The relaxed muscles of the upper airway decrease the airway passage size resulting in the disturbance and limitation of airflow.

It is this combination of the relaxed muscles and airflow disturbance that cause a snoring sound while a person sleep at night or even during the day.

Top Causes For Snoring At Night

Here are the top causes of snoring at night include:

Causes For Snoring At Night

Lack of Effective Exercise, Overeating or Being Overweight

If you tend to be overweight possessing a collar size of 16 and a half inches then it might not be able to breathe normally while sleeping. The extra formation of certain fatty tissues in the neck region causes disruptions in your breathing pattern and result in snoring.


Smoking causes irritations in the throat and the nasal cavity which leads to inflammation and swelling.

The inflammation or swelling of the nasal passages can make it very difficult for an individual to breathe through his or her nose because of the reduction in the size of the upper airway resulting in snoring.


When alcohol enters an individual’s body, it travels through the blood stream, to all the areas of the body and slows down the response time of the brain. This automatically results in the relaxation of the air muscles which in turn increases your chances of snoring while you sleep.

Sleeping Position
The position in which you sleep can affect your sleep quality. if you tend to sleep on your back then you have increased chances of snoring while sleeping. This is because when you sleep on your back, your muscles relax and gravity exerts downward pressure on your muscles.

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