Top 5 Common Dreams And Their Explanations

By on September 13, 2013

Dreams are series of ideas, pictures, emotions and sensations that occur in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Average human being experience a handful of dreams while they sleep every night, but a majority of us have dreams with similar themes. Humans have always been fascinated to learn what causes dreams and what they mean.

Here are 5 most commonly-reported dreams and some of the possible meanings behind them.

1. Falling:

Top 5 Common Dreams - Falling

These dreams signify anxiety and a loss of control in your waking life. Dreams of falling are more often interpreted as an indication of unresolved fears, instabilities, anxieties and insecurities.

Falling in a dream is a red flag from your subconscious that something in your life is going in the wrong direction. Dreams of falling are most likely to take place during the first stage of sleep.

These dreams are also common among people with depression. You must find out what the problem area in your life and then fix it.

2. Being chased:

Top 5 Common Dreams - Being chased

Being chased is one of the most common recurring dreams. The meaning of being chased in a dream is that someone or something is making you feel threatened. These nightmares are most frightening and usually involve you being chased by a psycho killer, monster, wild animal, crowd and some shadowy mysterious figures.

This type of dream generally occurs when you are feeling threatened by someone. You need to confront the threatening situation in real life in order to prevent yourself from such dreams.

3. Missing teeth:

Top 5 Common Dreams - Missing teeth

Your teeth are usually representative of your physical appearance as your smiles are the first thing people notice about you. Dream of losing your teeth may show a hidden fear of getting old and being unattractive to the opposite sex.

Such dreams are not only horrifying and shocking, but often leave the dreamer with a lasting image. This dream is most common among menopausal women, maybe for all of the above reasons.

If you have this dream, you should evaluate your current situation and try to locate the problem that is overwhelming you.

4. Being naked:

Top 5 Common Dreams - Being naked

Such kind of dreams involve being naked in public places, usually at work or school. In this type of dream, you may be undressed, partially undressed, or wearing something inappropriate.

The meaning behind this dream is that you feel vulnerable, awkward, exposed and revealing too much about yourself. You may also feel liberated and free. Dreams of being naked at work or in a class room signify that you are unprepared for a project at work or school.

5. Death:

Top 5 Common Dreams - Death

These dreams are typically traumatic as they include the loss of a close friend one or a family member.

Dying in a dream could symbolize that you are looking for a new start or are going through a spiritual transformation, while dreaming about the death of a loved one signifies that he or she is no longer part of your life.

It may be a life-changing event that creates anxiety and fear of the unknown. The dream may also be warning you of an upcoming physical risk to yourself or a loved one.