Top 5 Sleep Positions That Aid in Better Health

By on November 12, 2013

Getting enough and good sleep is considered as most important factor which keeps you healthy but your sleep positions have impact on your health? Let’s have a look at some best sleeping positions and how they affect your health.

On Your Back With Arms Up

Sleep Position - On Back

This position is star fish position that is good for back related problems. Star fish position also helps you in reducing skin breakouts and facial wrinkles.

Face Down

Have a sleep position like face down and on your stomach favors you a lot in improving digestion but make sure of the way you breath.

Sleep Position - Face Down

Avoid breathing through your pillow as it puts in problems like back pain, tilting face in one side, spinal curve, etc.

On Side, Arms At Sides

If you take a sleep on your side by keeping both the arms down gives you complete support to spine in its natural curve.

Sleep Positions - On Side

This posture can help you to reduce neck and back pain in turn reduces sleep apnea. It could be the best sleeping posture for spine health and also good for neck.

On The Left Side

When you prefer to sleep on side always take sleep posture on the left side as the side posture brings much difference in your health issues.

leep Positions - On Left Side

Sleeping on right position can keep strain or stress on internal organs such as lungs, liver and stomach. Pregnant ladies are advised to sleep on left side which improves blood circulation to the fetus.

Soldier Position

Sleep Position - Soldier Position

Soldier position means sleeping on the back stretching both arms at your sides keeping straight. Soldier position will be the first choice for anyone to get rid of many health issues. This supports your spine to be in a natural curve.