Top 5 Wearable Sleep Tracking Gadgets

By on August 21, 2015

People always like a good sleep during the night and the most important thing that can be done for this purpose is practicing good sleeping habits. It is also important for you to catch hold of the triggers that obstruct you from sleeping.

This is where the role of sleep tracking gadgets comes into play. These are gadgets that you can wear and they will help you by monitoring your sleep stages. These gadgets are specifically designed for keeping a close eye on the movements that you make while sleeping.

Top Sleep Tracking Gadgets

Some of the best varieties available in these wearable sleep tracking gadgets, which help in understanding and improving sleep better have been detailed below:

FitBit One

Sleep Tracking Gadgets - FitBit One

This is one of the best and the most user-friendly sleep tracking gadgets that can be of good help by tracking your movements throughout the day and determining your overall rate of action.

This is a small device, which you can clip it to your pocket, belt, or bra. The gadget generates results that look simply great and it also provides good feedback on the activity levels of an individual.

For tracking the sleep quality, you just need to slip into the sleep wrist band, which is provided with it. You can even set alarm for waking up, which wakes you by gently vibrating. Along with sleep tracking, it also tracks all your physical activities.

For more detailed information: FitBit One

Basis Peak

Sleep Tracking Gadgets - Basis Peak

This is a fitness band that is worn on the wrist and it is meant to be used by people who are into sports. This is a band that allows its user to track his or her way of sleeping by breaking down light, deep as well as REM cycles.

This also tracks your sleep duration, and tossing and turning in sleep. Based on this, it provides a sleep score, which helps in better assessment of sleep. Along with sleep tracking, it also keeps track of number of steps, calories burned, heartbeat, perspiration, and skin temperature.

For more detailed information: Basis Peak

Jawbone UP3

Sleep Tracking Gadgets - Jawbone UP3

This is the latest wearable device by Jawbone, which helps in tracking your sleep perfectly. This is just a wrist watch type band, which you need to wear on your wrist to tract your physical activities.

The advanced sensors present in this band helps in tracking the various stage of sleep i.e. REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep stages perfectly. Along with sleep tracking, it also tracks activity, food logging, and heart health.

For detailed information: Jawbone UP3

Moov Now

Sleep Tracking Gadgets - Moov Now

Moov Now is one of the best sleep tracking gadgets available. It is actually small coin like round gadget, which is clipped in a strap provided. This strap can be worn around wrist or around leg. It tracks your sleep by recording time for which you are asleep.

Along with tracking sleep, it is also an advance fitness tracker. Apart from tracking your activities, it advices about various workouts, motivates to achieve fitness goals, and also gives a real time audio coaching for running, walking, cycling, and cardio boxing.

To know more about it: Moov Now

Withings Activite Pop

Sleep Tracking Gadgets - Withings Activite Pop

Withings Activite Pop is another best sleep tracking gadget available in the market, which keeps track of your sleep perfectly. This is actually a smartwatch, which detects when you are asleep actually, and also keeps track of various stages of your sleep, and how many times you woke up in between of your sleep.

Apart from sleep monitoring, it also have a alarm, which wakes you up with gentle vibration. This is also an activity tracker, which tracks number of steps taken, calories burned, running, distance covered, and swimming.

For more information: Withings Activite Pop

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