How To Treat Daytime Sleepiness With Herbal Remedies?

By on March 24, 2015

Daytime Sleepiness is a very common sleep-related symptom affecting more than twenty percent people worldwide. People suffering from this condition are generally at an increased risk of work-related and motor vehicle incidents.

Some of the common causes of Daytime Sleepiness include obstructive sleep apnea, sedating medications and sleep deprivation.

Other causes include psychiatric conditions, sleep disorders like narcolepsy and medical conditions.

Herbal Remedy For Daytime Sleepiness

Some effective herbal remedies for excessive daytime sleepiness are as follow:

Daytime Sleepiness

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is said to work effectively in doing away with the problem of excessive daytime sleeping. This oil can be used on a handkerchief or a tissue, held close to the nose and then taken in deeply.

The oil can also be added to bathwater in addition to rosemary oil as it helps in creating a stimulating soak.


Ginseng is considered an age-old treatment for daytime sleeping. It is a herb that stimulates the nervous system and even helps in protecting the body from extra pressure and stress.


Ginkgo helps in the improvement of blood circulation and makes an individual feel less fatigued and extra alert. This further helps in reducing the circumstances of feeling sleepy during the day.


Maca is a herb that is commonly found in some areas of South America. It is a very powerful super food which helps in normalizing the hormones and in boosting energy levels.

Maca helps in balancing the various systems present within the body and therefore it is one of the best treatments for fatigue as well.

Oil Mix Sniffs

A regular sniff of the mixture made using orange oil, clary sage oil, coriander oil, jasmine oil, helichrysum oil, jojoba oil and palmarosa oil can help in doing away with the craving to sleep during the day. There are other herbal oils that can also be used for curing the problem of daytime sleeping.