Treatment Options For Children Talking In Sleep

By on October 16, 2015

Sleep talking should be taken lightly though it might appear funny at times. It is important to treat children talking in sleep because this can become a habit among children resulting in difficult to deal situations in future.

Sleep talking can turn out to be frustrating especially when you are traveling with your friends or your colleagues. Therefore, it is important that this condition is treated right during its inception in childhood.

Most of the time it happens that children talking in sleep often get rid of this habit once they turn ten to twelve years of age.

Children Talking In Sleep

Children talk in their sleep generally because of a playful mind but many a times it can also be the cause of stress, anxiety and lack of adequate sleep in children.

Treatments For Children Talking In Sleep

Here are some of the treatment options for children talking in sleep, which work effectively.

Proper Rest

Children suffering from the condition of sleep talking which is also called somniloquy should be given proper rest during the day as well as night. Good rest actually means that children should not be disturbed while they are sleeping.

Maintaining A Sleep Diary For Children

Maintaining a sleep diary or your child will help you in identifying his or her sleeping patterns which would further help in determining the underlying problems resulting in sleep talking.

Sleep Study

Children suffering from somniloquy are often taken to doctors. The doctors generally carry out a sleep study for identifying a specific diagnosis which helps them in determining the treatment plan.


Medications can also help in treating sleep talking conditions in children. However, if children are found suffering from certain side effects due to the intake of medications, the medicines should be changed instantly.

Avoid Stress In Your Children

The stress of studies and performing well at school can also result in sleep talking conditions in children. Therefore, if you re look to treat this condition in your child, you must avoid stressing your child with studies and better performance at school.

Photo Credits: Lars Plougmann