Treatment Options For Toddler Grinding Teeth

By on October 27, 2015

The medical term used for describing the condition of clenching jaws and grinding teeth in toddlers is called Bruxism. Two or three kids out of ten suffer from this condition.

Experts are of the view that most toddler grinding teeth and for some it becomes a habit. Bruxism generally happens during sleep or when the toddlers are under some form of stress.

Experts are still not sure of the causes of bruxism. However, sometimes the non-alignment of the bottom and the top teeth is considered one of the major causes of this condition.

Toddler Grinding Teeth

There are toddlers who grind their teeth as a response to certain pains like teething and earaches. Hyperactive kids might also suffer from this condition.

Treatment For Toddler Grinding Teeth

The commonly available treatment options for toddler grinding teeth that work effectively are as follows:

Avoiding The Habit Of Chewing Things Other Than Food

Toddlers are always in the habit of chewing all those things that they can get hold of within the household. They should not be allowed to do so. Chewing things other than foods allows the jaw muscles to get used to the habit of clenching making the condition of toddler grinding teeth worst.

Find The Cause Of Stress

If your kid is grinding his or her teeth out of stress then it is important for you to know the cause or the problem that is upsetting your kid. This will actually help you in getting rid of the stressors in the child. Telling bedtime stories, warm bath, soothing music particularly before going to bed is very helpful.


Another major reason for teeth grinding in toddlers is anxiety. Try to find out the cause for anxiety in your child. Make sure to provide reassurance in your child. And also don’t ignore your child’s fears instead address them.

Visiting A Dentist Regularly

If the condition of toddler grinding teeth is a more complicated one then it is best to pay a visit to the dentist. This is due to the fact that a dentist will surely be able to carry out further evaluation and would probably solve the problem for you.

Getting A Mouth Guard

Getting a mouth guard for your kid will surely help him or her in preventing the grinding teeth problem. However, if your child feels uncomfortable wearing the mouth guard, you must look out for other treatment options.

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